Aquaculture Magazine, March 2022
Organic selenium has a wide range of effectiveness, including increased coping with stress during the production cycle and enhancing the immunity for fish. Additionally, its use can decrease both environmental selenium load and increase sustainability.
Dairy Global, February 2022
Trace elements such as copper (Cu), manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) are of great importance for optimal health and performance. These elements perform crucial functions in the animals’ metabolism as a cofactor for multiple metalloenzymes, and deficiencies can lead to a range of disorders.
Poultry Planner, Februari 2022
Betaine positively influences gut health of weaning piglets. Different opportunities exist for betaine to support nutrient digestion and absorption, improve the physical barrier of protection, impact microbiota and enhance the piglets’ defence.
Dairy Planner, February 2022
Feeding butyrate to calves accelerates the natural development of their gastrointestinal tract. Colostrum and milk provide considerably high dosages of butyrate to suckling calves, with butyrate concentrations of approximately 1 to 2% on a dry matter base.
AgroInvestor, January 2022
Совместное присутствие нескольких  микотоксинов в корме серьезно влияет на производительность и здоровье продуктивных животных.
Red Meat South Africa, January 2022
Selenium is an important trace element to support the health and performance of animals.
AgroInvestor, December 2021
Бетаин - это известное функциональное питательное вещество в питании бройлеров, которое в прошлом в основном использовалось в качестве безводного бетаина, экстрагированного из сахарной свеклы.
Infortamo Andina, December 2021
En la actualidad existe una necesidad creciente de precisión y eficiencia. Conversemos de las innovaciones en materia de nutrición micromineral de precisión.

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