Our Feed Solutions

Although we offer a broad range of basic feed additives and ingredients, Orffa strives to develop new concepts and products. Market needs, as perceived by our specialists in meetings and discussions with our customers, drive our developments. The unique combination of Top Select with our specialty range Excentials, as well as with the branded ingredient portfolio Elovitals, allows Orffa to create, select and deliver feed additive solutions to fit the customer’s individual requirements.

Feed Solutions Areas

  • Antibiotic reduction

    Raising healthy animals with less usage of antibiotics is the future challenge for animal husbandry.

  • Bioavailability

    Not all nutrients present in a feed will actually be used by the animal.

  • Dust free (workers health)

    Some feed additives are recognized as occupational hazards, inhalation represents the main route of exposure. Dusting potential relates to workers safety.

  • Egg shell quality

    Broken or dirty eggs lead to rejections further down the value chain.

  • Environmental solutions

    Animal husbandry comes with the responsibility to minimize pressure on the environment. This can be done through several nutritional solutions.

  • Feed palatability

    Palatability has a direct effect on feed preference, acceptability and intake and can be essential to reach desired effects.

  • Foot and Claw Health

    Impaired foot and claw health limits mobility of animals, lowering production performance of growing animals and durability of reproducing animals.

  • Heat stress

    Animals facing heat stress possess several coping mechanisms. These enable the animal to survive heat but impacts their production parameters.

  • Mycotoxin Control

    “Mycotoxin contamination in feeds could be up to 79%” (Kovalsky et al. 2016). How to alleviate this threat?

  • Rumen Health and fermentation

    Healthy and optimal performing ruminants, it all starts with optimizing rumen health and fermentation.

  • Stability and quality of feed

    Several factors influence the stability of compounds in a feed. Processing, product features and interactions may impact applications of additives

  • Udder health and cell count

    Optimal udder health impacts performance of the dairy cow, an important factor to take into account in herd management.


  • Aqua

    Aquaculture, a diverse and dynamic industry.

  • Equine

    In all equestrian disciplines, owners search for the best nutritional solution.

  • Pets

    As members of the family, nutrition for a long and healthy life is crucial for our pets.

  • Pigs

    Feed solutions for a profitable and sustainable swine production.

  • Poultry

    Poultry are domesticated birds kept by humans for their eggs, meat, and feathers.

  • Ruminants

    Formulating ruminant rations in order to reach healthy and optimal performing animals