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This is Orffa

Orffa is a knowledge and solutions platform. We engineer feed solutions.

Orffa develops, customizes, sources and offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition market. In short: we create, select and deliver.

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Our dedicated experts

Engineering feed solutions, it’s done by people. That is why our staff consists of highly trained and educated specialists: commercial, technical and scientific experts.

A broad presence in the market ensures that we continue to stay abreast of new developments. Our experts are in constant contact with our wide and growing customer base and our producer and supplier network, as well as with all decision makers and stakeholders in the industry.

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  • Pioneering in Sustainability

    Orffa is well placed to play an important role in supplying feed additives and feed solutions to help the industry meet its challenging climate and sustainability objectives.

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  • Aquaculture solutions

    Orffa’s feed additive solutions support health, growth performance and fortification of cultured fish and shrimp species.

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  • Orffa Equine Feed Solutions

    Feeding management of horses is focused on providing nutrients efficiently to maintain horse body condition and support functions related to growth, reproduction and exercise.

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