Welcome to Orffa,

Already more than 50 years, Orffa is recognized to be a leading operator in the feed additive space. After our establishment in the seventies, we grew very fast to become an important supplier of a wide range of feed additives, a true partner to the European animal nutrition industry. In our product basket, we have common additives, as amino acids and vitamins, but our scientifically skilled sales teams also focus on specialty feed additives, such as emulsifiers, organic minerals,

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This is Orffa.

Orffa develops, customizes, sources and offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition market. In short: we create, select and deliver.

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Orffa's worldwide presence

With our headquarters in Europe, we have a direct presence in all major established and developing feed producing markets around the world.

We take care of logistics

Each day we ship about 50 orders to more than 75 countries worldwide. We deliver by air, sea and road. All is serviced by a very customer focused logistics team.

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