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Our Leadership

Orffa's valued Management Board, consisting of three distinguished experts, leads Orffa successfully towards sustainable growth and undisputed industry leadership.

Orffa's story

Orffa: A Legacy of Innovation in Feed Additives

Orffa's journey began in 1967, founded in Belgium as a distributor of leading feed additive brands in Europe. Nested in the heart of what's considered the hub for innovative feed developments, Orffa's commitment to research and its inherent innovative nature quickly led the company to establish itself as a key player in the feed additives market.

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A Strategic Alliance with Marubeni

We are proud to be a part of the Marubeni Group, a global conglomerate with a rich history of innovation and success. 

Marubeni Corporation's unwavering support and shared values have been instrumental in our company's growth and achievements. From providing access to global markets to fostering a culture of innovation, Marubeni Corporation has been a true partner in our journey. Their expertise and resources have enabled us to expand our reach, enhance our products and services, and achieve new heights of success.

We are committed to continuing our close collaboration with Marubeni Corporation and leveraging our combined strengths to shape a brighter future together. With Marubeni Corporation as our valued shareholder, we are confident that our company will continue to thrive and make a significant impact in the years to come.

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Worldwide presence

With a direct presence in all major established and developing feed producing markets around the world, we have our headquarters in Europe. We are also present in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

We opt for a centralized approach combined with a strong local market presence, either via our technical sales people or via distributors. Orffa’s main store and headquarters are located near the major European ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

This strategic location guarantees an efficient and swift logistic handling of incoming and outgoing goods. Logistics is our main concern, considering the massive amount of feed additives Orffa’ markets: more than 150,000 metric tons a year.

The feed additive specialist

Orffa develops, customizes, sources and offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition market. In short: we create, select and deliver.

As the feed additive specialist, we have dedicated teams engineering feed solutions with value added products and concepts for all stakeholders in the animal production chain. Our feed solutions range from simple individual products to complex solutions that aim to overcome and solve the challenges faced by the animal production industry.

We offer both in-house developed and branded concepts and products as well as distribution products. We deliver the ideal mix of technical products and basic feed additives. Europe is our home base, and EU quality prevails. Orffa guarantees that all its products and concepts are certified according to the high European regulatory standards and our internal QC systems, which are more stringent than the official European requirements.

Engineering feed solutions

Orffa is a knowledge and product platform. We engineer solutions. Consequently, the constant monitoring of market needs, novel technical developments and new production sites is of paramount importance to constantly raise our standards and image. Our teams of technical and commercial engineers, as well as our innovation teams, are committed to meeting customer needs. Our sourcing team is also constantly active at the global level to assure an influx of new products and concepts and to find the right partners for our outsourced production.

We focus on innovation and development, on regulatory affairs and quality control, on logistics, sourcing and service, and on marketing and sales. We outsource R&D, warehousing, logistics and production to close partners who are specialists in their domains. Orffa’s experts control, organize and manage. They are in close contact with our partners on a daily basis and assume final responsibility. Intellectual property is safeguarded by exclusive contracts and patents.

Long-term partnerships are the key to our successful implementation of this model. This is Orffa’s way of continuously improving processes without losing the focus on our core competence, which is to engineer feed solutions. It is how we constantly reinvent and challenge ourselves as a market leader and ensure that we keep meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of the feed industry.

Our brand lines


Excentials is our line of innovative and specialized feed additives and feed concepts, developed during our more then 50 years of experience in the European feed market. Products and concepts are scientifically well documented and often the subject of peer-reviewed articles. These developments are inspired by market needs and aim to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and sustainability.
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Elovitals is Orffa’s range of basic, essential feed additives, produced for us by leading long-term partners. The Elovitals brand guarantees the highest of Orffa’s quality standards, which are more demanding than the legally required standards in Europe, together with the outstanding service level provided by Orffa.
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Top Select

Top Select is our quality seal for a wide range of premium distribution brands, selected by Orffa and trusted by our customers to provide feed solutions fitting their needs. We team up with leading manufacturers of amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, probiotics and other specialty feed additives, offering exceptional solutions to the industry’s needs and challenges.
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The unique combination of Top Select with our specialty range Excentials, as well as with the branded ingredient portfolio Elovitals, allows Orffa to create, select and deliver feed additive solutions to fit the customer’s individual requirements.

Our Logistics

Orffa is delivering over 160,000 MT per year or 500 ton feed additives on daily basis. Each day we ship about 50 orders to more than 75 countries worldwide. We deliver by air, sea and road. All is serviced by a very customer focused logistics team.


Orffa has its central warehouse at GVT Transport & Logistics B.V. In total we keep around 5.000 tons in stock at GVT. Over 250 different items are stored in a modern equipped warehouse located in Tilburg, close to Rotterdam seaport. Various local warehouses spread around the world, are part of our logistic network from which we can ship small quantities to local customers in the fastest possible way.

Logistics Team

The logistics department at Orffa is involved in transportation, stock control, warehousing and monitoring the flow of goods. Our team is responsible for delivering our products in the right quantity at the right time, accompanied with all required documentation.

Value Added Service

Special requests such as repackaging, re-labeling according to customer requirements are also possible and are coordinated by the logistics department. Our highly professional team is always ready to solve all kinds of problems for our customers.

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Policies on Human Rights and Supply Chain Sustainability

We, as Orffa, have adopted our “Policy on Human Rights” and “Supply Chain Sustainability Policy”. With these Policies, beyond strengthening our own efforts for sustainability, we would like to aim for concerted efforts with all our customers, suppliers and business partners, so as to promote sustainability in a more effective and substantial way. Your understanding and cooperation with regard to our Policies is highly appreciated.

Regulatory affairs

The regulatory affairs team is at your service for the registration of Orffa products throughout the world.

Feed additives often require a premarketing authorization or registration at the competent authority in the country of destination. Centralized in the office in Belgium, we use our broad network of local regulatory experts to expand our product range geographically. Orffa has over 300 product registrations in over 60 countries on all populated continents. Hence, the regulatory department has experience in handling a wide variety of regulatory requirements.

Based on many years of experience, we still learn every day and expand our knowledge by penetrating into more and more countries. We are present in regional and local regulatory associations to anticipate upcoming and existing new regulations. In doing so, we fully support and contribute to the global presence of Orffa products.

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Committed to quality

Quality is an important and integral part of the company strategy of Orffa. That is why Orffa has implemented Quality Control systems which are second to none.

Orffa constantly strives to improve the quality and safety of its products and assists its partners in meeting the same internal quality standards. We assure our customers that the feed materials, feed additives and premixtures they are procuring are safe in terms of quality, traceability and reliability. Moreover, we assure that they are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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Ecovadis Gold award

Sustainability becomes more than ever a licence-to-operate. For Orffa, doing business in an ethical way, with respect for humans and environment is of outmost importance. Next to initiatives in our day-to-day operations, we intent to support such attitude throughout the supply with our business partners.

Orffa Receives Ecovadis Gold award