Quality control

Quality is an important and integral part of the company strategy of Orffa. That is why Orffa has implemented Quality Control systems which are second to none.

Orffa constantly strives to improve the quality and safety of its products and assists its partners in meeting the same internal quality standards. We assure our customers that the feed materials, feed additives and premixtures they are procuring are safe in terms of quality, traceability and reliability. Moreover, we assure that they are manufactured in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our products are backed by solid R&D data and come with outstanding technical service. Finally, Orffa strives to offer an impeccable service in terms of administration and logistics, in order to satisfy our customer’s needs.

It is Orffa’s mission to provide high quality and safe products to the market. In order to meet the highest quality constraints, Orffa has integrated a high-level Quality Department.

This is realized by holding the most relevant Quality Control labels: GMP+, HACCP and FAMI-QS. These form a solid basis for Orffa’s Quality Control System and result in an unmatched level of safety and quality which is recognized worldwide.

Being a prominent importer of feed additives out of non-EU countries, we only partner with carefully selected basic producers and toll manufacturers, which are market leaders in their field. With all its partners, Orffa aims to build a long-lasting relation based on trust and respect.

All our partners operate under GMP+, FAMI-QS or an equally recognized system. This is a basic requirement to become an accepted producing partner of Orffa. Once an accepted supplier, Orffa’s people frequently audit the manufacture, processing, storage and transport of products for compliance to our in-house QC standards and in order to secure the high quality and safety standards of our products.

Besides controlled purchasing, we routinely check all the imported products for active contents and all possible impurities and contaminants, according to strict internal standards.
For this, we have developed an innovative approach to monitoring. Each product/producer combination is tested against several, well-defined criteria. These criteria are chosen taking into consideration quality, safety and legal constraints, and are re-evaluated regularly in order to meet the most challenging constraints. Also, physical parameters are monitored on a constant basis.

Orffa has implemented a three-tier quality control and analysis methodology. All products and batches are analysed for content and for relevant contaminants. On top of this, extra analyses are being done in function of the risk profile of the product, the producer and the country of origin. In order to do so, Orffa has developed a unique and objective measuring tool to define the risk profile of the producers and the products. In function of the risk profile, extra analyses are done. As an extra quality guarantee, Orffa performs random analysis on the products delivered.

By adopting this three-tier quality model, it can be stated that Orffa applies in-house standards, which are superior to the legal European requirements.

And as a result of this approach, Orffa can issue a certificate of analysis or a certificate of conformity for each single batch.

In our monitoring programme, specific attention is given to undesirable substances such as heavy metals, dioxins and other contaminants, depending upon the specific sensitivity of the products marketed. These analyses are made available in clear overviews for our customers.

Orffa is wholly committed to bring the best quality to the market!