Pig Progress, June 2022
Betaine positively influences the gut of weaning piglets and is often forgotten when thinking about possible additives to support gut health or to reduce problems related to weaning diarrhoea. Supplementation of feed with betaine as a functional nutrient can affect animals in multiple ways.
Performans, June 2022
Nutrisyonel emülsifiyerler, özellikle kanatlılarda enerji sindirilebilirliği üzerindeki etkileriyle bilinmektedir. Odaklanılan ana nokta, yağ sindiriminin artırılmasıdır ancak aynı zamanda diğer besin maddelerinin (örneğin ham protein) sindirilebilirliğini de artırmaktadır. Excential Energy Plus’ın, besin maddelerinin genel sindirilebilirliği üzerindeki etkilerini belirlemek üzere bir ‘meta-analiz’ gerçekleştirilmiştir.
Pig Progress, May 2022
Selenium has various functions with regard to pig health. The effects of selenium can be long lasting and depend on the source of selenium supplied to the animals. That applies to finisher pigs as well as sows and piglets.
Orffa, May 2022
Die Aufzucht von Tieren in antibiotikafreien Systemen ist eine Herausforderung. Eine wichtige Frage ist, wie man mit dem erhöhten Druck durch Krankheitserreger umgehen und die Darmgesundheit optimieren kann.
Orffa, May 2022
Renewal and amendments of Calsporin® authorisations On May 5th, 2022, Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2022/703 was published in the EU official journal (OJ).
Feed Compounder, May 2022
“The challenge for our industry is to secure the supply of high quality, balanced feeds and doing this by taking economics into account. All this whilst minimising the usage of limited natural resources, maintaining production efficiency and establishing an ever lower output in terms of pollution. The challenge is huge, to say the least!”
Orffa, May 2022
La ganadería a menudo se considera una de las principales causas de la contaminación, ya que produce una cantidad significativa de gases de efecto invernadero y deja una huella de carbono irrazonablemente alta, por lo que es fundamental encontrar soluciones para reducirla.
Pet Food Supplement, May 2022
Obesity can be considered as one of the most common nutritional disorders in dogs and cats. Caloric restriction is often the solution to lose excessive weight, however success is difficult as the four-legged fellow, with friendly eyes, will beg for more food from his owner.

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