Poultry Technology, September 2022
Butyrate is used as an important energy source for enterocytes, the epithelial cells of the intestine. Moreover, this organic acid has multiple beneficial effects on vital intestinal functions.
International Pig Topics, August 2022
Numerous studies have shown the benefit of nutritional emulsifiers in poultry. In order to better understand their effects and application in swine, four trials were carried out by Orffa in coordination with research institutes around the world.
Porkcolombia, July 2022
Los emulsificantes nutricionales son aditivos que complementan la alimentación animal debido a su eficacia para mejorar la digestibilidad de las grasas y la energía. Durante mucho tiempo se centró la atención en la aplicación en broilers, sin embargo, también el uso en cerdos de engorde muestra efectos positivos similares.
Wolboer, July 2022
Selenium, a trace element with important functions.
Pig Progress, June 2022
Betaine positively influences the gut of weaning piglets and is often forgotten when thinking about possible additives to support gut health or to reduce problems related to weaning diarrhoea. Supplementation of feed with betaine as a functional nutrient can affect animals in multiple ways.
Performans, June 2022
Nutrisyonel emülsifiyerler, özellikle kanatlılarda enerji sindirilebilirliği üzerindeki etkileriyle bilinmektedir. Odaklanılan ana nokta, yağ sindiriminin artırılmasıdır ancak aynı zamanda diğer besin maddelerinin (örneğin ham protein) sindirilebilirliğini de artırmaktadır. Excential Energy Plus’ın, besin maddelerinin genel sindirilebilirliği üzerindeki etkilerini belirlemek üzere bir ‘meta-analiz’ gerçekleştirilmiştir.
Pig Progress, May 2022
Selenium has various functions with regard to pig health. The effects of selenium can be long lasting and depend on the source of selenium supplied to the animals. That applies to finisher pigs as well as sows and piglets.

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