WPC 2016 Beijing Poster: Emulsifier improves energy utilization in broiler chickens

Orffa, January 2016

Energy is a major cost component for high performing animals. Due to its high energy density, fats and oils are important energy sources in feed formulation. Improving the energy efficiency of these raw materials is of high interest from an economical point of view. 

Nutritional emulsifiers can be used to improve fat digestibility and thus improve the energy efficiency. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of a nutritional emulsifier on nutrient digestibility and nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn) in broilers receiving diets with different soybean oil levels in the starter (14-21d) and finisher (35-42d) phases.

Materials and Methods

  • 960 males chicks Cobb-500
  • 10 treatments, 6 reps, 60 cages
    • 14-21d: 600 birds, 10 birds per cage
    • 35-42d: 360 birds, 6 birds per cage
  • Total excreta collection
    • Nutrient digestibility
    • Apparent metabolizable energy (AMEn)
  • Emulsifier (Excential Energy Plus, 350g/ton)
  • Diets based on corn/soybean meal
  • Different levels of soybean oil inclusion



In conclusion, the tested emulsifier improves digestibility of dry matter and fat and improves metabolizable energy (AMEn) in broiler diets and this is correlated with the oil level in the diet. The emulsifier has effect both in starter and finisher diets.