Alexia Lépine | Orffa | March 2020
Thanks to a unique technology, Excential Alliin Plus preserves the best of nature to boost animals’ gut health.
Brecht Bruneel | Orffa | March 2020
Modern genetics has resulted in chickens characterised by high performance. The downside of this success is the high sensitivity to numerous stresses.
Lien Vande Maele | Orffa | March 2020
Excential Smart is a high-quality range of trace minerals with no implications for rumen functioning, that provides your animals with these essential nutrients in an optimal way
Lien Vande Maele | Orffa | March 2020
Voor optimale diergezondheid en prestatie is een goede voorziening van spoorelementen van groot belang. Het Excential Smart-assortiment van Orffa voor­ziet daarin.
Lien Vande Maele | Orffa | March 2020
Although reported requirements for trace elements in piglets are rather low, high dosages of these compounds are used for their known growth promoting effects
| Orffa | February 2020
Los minerales como el cobre, el zinc y el manganeso son de gran importancia para conseguir una óptima salud y para mejorar los rendimientos productivos de nuestros animales.
Kees Kastelijn | Orffa | February 2020
Hydroxyspormineraler viser ifølge Orffa bedre klovsundhed hos grise og sundere trædepuder hos fjerkræ.
Brecht Bruneel | Orffa |
La L-Selenometionina presenta beneficios ampliamente demostrados frente al selenio inorgánico, especialmente durante periodos de estrés.

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