Feed Compounder, April 2021
One of the most important parameters affecting consumer’s choice is the appearance of animal products. To improve consumer’s acceptance of eggs and broiler meat, pigments are supplemented to broiler and layer feed.
Poultry Technology, March 2021
Rearing animals in antibiotic-free systems is a challenge. A big question is how to deal with increased pathogenie pressure and optimize gut health.
Feed & Additive Magazine, February 2021
Fat digestion is influenced by many factors (e.g. fat source, age). Less attention is given to the effect of the microflora.
Poultry Technology, February 2021
The importance of de novo Selenocysteine (SeCys) inside the animal cannot be underestimated. lts incorporation in numerous Selenoproteins enables animals to combat oxidative stress resulting from growing, heat, reproduction, etc.
Poultry Technology, January 2021
Se compounds can be distinguished on the basis of their bioavailability in the animal.
De Molenaar, Januari 2021
Met Franse suikerbieten en granen als basisgrondstof voor de fermentatie produceert Ajinomoto in Europa aminozuren. Deze aminozuren kunnen volgens Etienne Corrent een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan de eiwitvoorziening in Europese diervoeding.
NutriNews LATAM, January 2021
Los oligoelementos como el cobre, zinc, manganeso y selenio son esenciales para las funciones corporales críticas y un óptimo rendimiento productivo.
Feedfood.com.br, January 2021
Excential Energy Plus emulsifier, from Orffa, ensures 5% savings in feed costs and diet formulations.

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