Infortambo Lecheria, November 2021
En la actualidad existe una necesidad creciente de precisión y eficiencia. Conversemos de las innovaciones en materia de nutrición micromineral de precisión.
African Agri Magzine, July 2021
In intensive animal production, high daily weight gain and high feed efficiency are essential. However, high performance is associated with increased levels of stress.
Poultry Technology, February 2021
The importance of de novo Selenocysteine (SeCys) inside the animal cannot be underestimated. lts incorporation in numerous Selenoproteins enables animals to combat oxidative stress resulting from growing, heat, reproduction, etc.
Poultry Technology, January 2021
Se compounds can be distinguished on the basis of their bioavailability in the animal.
AllAboutFeed, January 2021
El estrés por calor tiene un impacto dramático en el consumo de alimentos y la producción de leche en las vacas lecheras, y es responsable de grandes pérdidas económicas en la industria ganadera.
Vetamit, October 2020
With time, poultry farming, which used to be backyard turned out to be fully commercial and intensive nowadays., September 2020
Trials with tilapia in Thailand show that diets containing L-selenomethionine increase performance and provide high protection against pathogenic pressure.
Dairy Global, July 2020
Heat stress has a dramatic impact on feed consumption and milk production in dairy cows. It is responsible for large economic losses in the livestock industry.

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