Afma Matrix, October 2020
Trace elements, such as copper, zinc and manganese, are of great importance for optimal health and performance of animals. Like the name indicates, only very small amounts of these compounds (trace amounts) are required in the feed.
Orffa, June 2020
Un apport optimal en oligo-éléments issus d’une source minérale de haute qualité est nécessaire pour éviter les carences et les problèmes de santé qui en découlent.
Afma Matrix, March 2020
Excential Smart is a high-quality range of trace minerals with no implications for rumen functioning, that provides your animals with these essential nutrients in an optimal way
De Molenaar, March 2020
Voor optimale diergezondheid en prestatie is een goede voorziening van spoorelementen van groot belang. Het Excential Smart-assortiment van Orffa voor­ziet daarin.
ZeroZinc Summit, March 2020
Although reported requirements for trace elements in piglets are rather low, high dosages of these compounds are used for their known growth promoting effects.
Albétar, February 2020
Los minerales como el cobre, el zinc y el manganeso son de gran importancia para conseguir una óptima salud y para mejorar los rendimientos productivos de nuestros animales.
Grovvare, February 2020
Hydroxyspormineraler viser ifølge Orffa bedre klovsundhed hos grise og sundere trædepuder hos fjerkræ.
Feed Compounder, January/February 2020
Hydroxy trace minerals (Excential Smart range by Orffa) are the best choice to optimize the trace mineral supply to your customers’ animals. They have a high mineral content compared to inorganic as well as organic minerals, are not hygroscopic and are dust-free enabling perfect flowability and are cost effective in use in feed, premix and mineral mix.

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