AviNews, June 2020
Calsporin® ya es conocido a nivel global por equilibrar y reforzar a todos los niveles la salud intestinal de muchas especies animales. La UE ha aprobado una dosis de 30 ppm para todas las especies aviares, hecho que lo convierte en una opción altamente efectiva y muy competitiva si se usa en producción aviar.
Effektivt Landbrug, May 2020
I svineproduktionen har vig- tigheden af en sund tarmfl ora været velkendt i mange år. Calsporin har siden 2018 væ- ret EU-godkendt til både søer, pattegrise og slagtesvin.
Polskie Drobiarstwo, March 2020
Calsporin® jest preparatem o potwierdzonej skuteczności, wspierającym prawidłowe działanie przewodu pokarmowego wielu gatunków zwierząt (np. drób, trzoda chlewna).
Argos, September 2019
Calsporin® es conocido a nivel mundial por favorecer la salud intestinal en muchas especies. Este probiótico formador de esporas, cuyo uso en alimentación canina ha sido aprobado recientemente por la UE, ha demostrado reforzar también la salud intestinal, la digestión y la calidad de las heces del perro.
Feed Compounder, January/February 2019
Optimal body condition score at the end of the lactation period positively influences the longevity of the sows and results in feed cost savings in the next gestation. Use of dietary probiotics has been proven to reduce weight losses during the lactation period and as a result, improve sow fertility.
Pet Food Supplement, 2019
Calsporin® is already known to strongly support gut health in many animal species. Recently approved by the EU for dog food applications, the spore-forming probiotic has now shown to also strengthen the gut health, digestion, and faecal quality of ‘man’s best friend’.
Gut Health, December 2018
With increasing numbers of piglets born, the energy requirements for milk production of prolific sows simultaneously increases.
All About Feed, December 2016
Beak trimming is commonly used to reduce the incidence of feather pecking but this practice will be banned in the whole EU as of 2018. The side effects of non-trimmed beaks is an increased feed intake, as the birds have less plumage to keep them warm. Probiotics can be part of the solution.

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