Pet Food Supplement, July 2020
An activated immune system is extremely effective, enhancing resistance to infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. A natural carbohydrate structure from bakery yeast, the beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, is recognised by immune cells as a non-self or foreign molecule and can initiate a particular immune response.
Pet Food Supplement, August 2019
The first months of life are critical for puppies, due to their fast body development and to the influence of their early experiences on their personality throughout their lives. Moreover, during this early age, puppies are more susceptible to infections that may cause severe disease if not immediately treated.
Pet Food Supplement, 2018
Throughout the last decades, obesity has been becoming the main nutritional health issue not only in humans, but also in companion animals. Over the past years, some studies have reported values between 20-40% of obesity in the studied population (McGreevy et al., 2005 Gossellin et al., 2007).
All About Feed, June 2014
Exercise and immune function have a link. So can dietary beta-glucans – an immune boostertherefore be beneficial for high performing race horses as well?
International Pig Topics, 2012
Raising healthy animals with less usage of antibiotics is the future challenge for animal husbandry in Europe. Consumers, retailers and authorities are clearly giving this message. In some countries measures are already implemented; in other countries the discussions are just starting up.

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