Orffa, September 2021
Jedną z możliwych przyczyn problemów z biegunką u tuczników jest dyzenteria świń (czerwonka). W najcięższej, typowej postaci dyzenteria świńska jest prezentowana przez wodnistą biegunkę z obecnością krwi i śluzu.
Feed Compounder, September 2021
Pellet quality is a combination of several factors, including durability and hardness. Durability is the ability of the pellet to withstand repeated handling such as packaging, transportation, storage and moving in feed lines, without breaking and with a minimum percentage of fines.
Pig Progress, July 2021
Betaine positively influences gut health of weaning piglets. Betaine can support nutrient digestion and absorption, improve the physical barrier of protection, impact microbiota and enhance piglets’ defence.
Poultry Technology, July 2021
A broad spectrum mycotoxin binder improves performance of broilers and layers.
Poultry World, July 2021
The co-occurrence of multiple mycotoxins in feed has a serious impact on the performance and well-being of production animals.
Kraftfutter/Feedmagazine, July 2021
The practical use of probiotics in animal feed gained more attention over the last couple of years, due to the beneficial role on farm animals’ production and health.
African Agri Magzine, July 2021
In intensive animal production, high daily weight gain and high feed efficiency are essential. However, high performance is associated with increased levels of stress.
International Dairy Topics, July 2021
Trace minerals: consider the source of these essential nutrients importance for optimal health and performance. An optimal trace element supply, provided by a high quality source of trace minerals, is necessary to avoid deficiencies and associated health issues.

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