Feedinfo, November 2013
Butyrate deserves particular attention as an important energy source for intestinal epithelial cells and its multiple beneficial effects on vital intestinal function.
Fußballenveränderungen bei Mastgeflügel werden zunehmend als tierschutzrelevant diskutiert, und sie beeinträchtigen die Wirtschaftlichkeit.
European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, 2013
Footpad lesions are important because of affecting performance due to low mobility of birds so litter quality is an important parameter regarding incidence and severity of footpad lesions.
Jahrestagung der BAT e.V., October 2013
Choline plays an important role in transportation of non-esterified fatty acids regarding metabolism by the liver and a shortage results in a disturbed fatty acid metabolism with the consequence of ketosis and fatty liver syndrome in dairy cattle.
Varkensbedrijf, July 2012
Verlagen van het eiwitniveau in voeders is zowel interessant voor de diergezondheid als vanwege de kostprijs.
De Molenaar, July 2012
Door normering van alle essentiële aminozuren kan het ruw eiwitgehalte van biggen- en vleesvarkensvoer worden verlaagd, bleek tijdens het Benelux-symposium van Orffa.
International Pig Topics, 2012
Raising healthy animals with less usage of antibiotics is the future challenge for animal husbandry in Europe. Consumers, retailers and authorities are clearly giving this message. In some countries measures are already implemented; in other countries the discussions are just starting up.
All About Feed, 2012
Betaine is a known functional nutrient in broiler nutrition, which was in the past mainly used as betaine anhydrous extracted from sugar beets. Nowadays, it is also available as betaine hydrochloride from synthetic production.

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