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Excential AmmoMIN

Clay mineral

Within the group of clay minerals (silicates) there are several different types of clays, each with their own specific properties. AmmoMIN is the brand name of a clay mineral distributed by Orffa. AmmoMIN is a clinoptilolite, belonging to the zeolites one of the specific groups within the silicates.

Clinoptilolites are specially selected clay minerals known for their typical molecular structure which enables the clay mineral to bind ammonia. The binding of ammonia in the gut results in better gut health since ammonia is toxic to the gut wall. Besides the binding of ammomia also moisture can be bound. The product is also used as a pelletbinder and inert carrier for premixes and concentrates.

Benefits in broiler diets

AmmoMIN can be used in broiler diets to improve gut health, improve litter quality and to lower the occurrence of footpad leasions. Many research is done to fully understand and prove the effect of AmmoMIN on litter quality and footpad lesions. Several studies done with this product show the positive effect on litter quality and footpad lesions. Since footpad lesion are a topic of discussions to be implemented as a welfare measurement in legislation to determine density it could become more and more important to control this footpad dermatitis. AmmoMIN clinoptilolite is a proven concept to improve broilers gut health, production parameters, litter quality and occurrence of footpad lesions.

Benefits in pig diets

AmmoMIN is used in pig diets to improve gut heath and to improve manure quality. Due to the binding of ammonia in the gut overall gut health will be improved. Less free ammonia is available to pathogens or needs to be converted into urea and the gut wall will be less irritated. A better gut health combined with the moisture binding of the clinoptilolite will lead to a better consistency of manure.

Availability can depend on region.

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