Safety and welfare of animals

Footpad lesions and ammonia irritation are major concerns of broiler producers. Ammomin, a very pure clinoptilolite, acts as an efficient absorbent of water and ammonia in broiler production, hence avoiding wet litter, and lowering the incidence of hock burns and footpad lesions. Due to its unique binding features, the product has a high affinity for ammonia, but it also binds endo and exotoxins, without affecting anticoccidials and vitamins. Addition of Ammomin equally slows down the food transit, allowing a better digestibility of the nutrients present in the diet. In terms of animal welfare, Orffa offers ingredients that can prevent lameness by supporting claw health and thus mobility in animals (e.g. Excential Smart Z, C, M / hydroxy trace minerals), as well as concepts overcoming heat stress (e.g. Excential Beta-Key / betaine). For latter purpose, Orffa established a research collaboration with CERSA in Togo, a poultry research institute listed as Centre of Excellence in Poultry Research by The World Bank and linked to university of Lomé.

Improved footpad lesions