Organic production

One of the objectives of the European Green Deal is to increase the share of organic farming to about 25% within the EU. One of the challenges of organic farming is to reach the performance level required to be cost-efficient and competitive to other production methods.

Orffa has several feed additives listed by leading organizations in organic farming (FIBL and OMRI), both in EU and in the USA. These feed additives and feeding concepts allow to increase the efficiency of organic farming. Orffa has taken an active position in research consortia (Fyto-V) and industry organizations in Europe, to support application of feed solutions for organic farming.

Further to this, Orffa is participating in important research projects aiming to improve sustainability of livestock production. Orffa is member of a consortium with universities, research organisations and other industry partners in a long-term scientific project (2CC: ToControlCoccidiosis) to develop new, innovative compounds and strategies to overcome coccidiosis.

In order to confirm our commitment Orffa is also member of Ecovadis, which helps in rating our sustainability efforts, allowing us to benchmark with international and sectorial yardsticks.