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Excential Zincoat

Protected Zincoxide

Excential Zincoat is a micro-encapsulated form of zinc oxide. Inorganic zinc oxide has been used for decades at pharmacological levels in piglets diets to reduce the negative effects of post weaning diarrhea. At high dosages (1500 to 3000 ppm) inorganic zinc oxide has shown preventive action against E. Coli related diarrhea. Pharmacological levels of zinc oxide have proven that it could (partially) replace the use of antibiotics to overcome post weaning dip in piglets and improve production performance. One concern raised is the environmental shedding of zinc via manure with pharmacological levels of zinc oxide in the diets. For these reasons, in Europe it is not allowed anymore to use this feeding strategy as common practice, but may only be applied therapeutically by veterinarian prescription.

Micro encapsulation

Gastric acid improves digestibility of rather water-insoluble zinc oxide. Passing the stomach, zinc oxide can be converted into zinc chloride which has not shown similar properties in preventing post weaning diarrhea. For this reason, zinc oxide only shows efficacy, when added in extreme high dosages. By micro-encapsulation with a vegetable fatty acid matrix, zinc oxide is prevented from these reactions in the stomach. When entering the intestines, the coating is digested by lipase and bile salts and zinc oxide is released at the point where its’ action against E.Coli is required.

Economic and Environmental advantage

Due to its increased efficay, Excential Zincoat can be used at levels a ten-fold lower than common inorganic zinc oxide, maintaining similar results on diarrhea prevention and production performance. This decreased dosage, allows an economic return on investment. Using a 10-fold lower dosage, decreases shedding of zinc via manure and urine, reducing negative effects of pharmacological levels of inorganic zinc oxide on the environment. Therefore, Excential Zincoat fits perfectly in a sustainable business approach, serving both companies’ profits and the environment.

Additional advantages

Zinc is known as an antagonist of copper in animal diets. Using pharmacological levels of zinc oxide in piglet diets has shown to significantly reduce plasma copper levels. Using Excential Zincoat may reduce antagonism in the diets and thereby prevent negative impact on copper supply. A widespread discussion is taking place on the preventive large scale use of antibiotics in animal nutrition. Zinc oxide can be used to replace antibiotics for prevention of postweaning diarrhea, however the environmental issues of pharmacological levels of zinc oxide seem to create other (environmental) issues. Excential Zincoat may provide the solution for both occuring problems.