Excential Sapphire Q

Promoting resilience to infection


Coccidiosis in broiler chickens is an important intestinal health problem caused by Eimeria. It results in huge economic losses of millions of euros on a worldwide basis. Present control strategies are based on coccidiostats in feed, but they control the infection only to a limited extent. Vaccination, on the other hand, is expensive and does often not result in a timely build-up of immunity. Eimeria infection (and secondary infections leading to necrotic enteritis) can currently not be prevented. It is therefore important to promote resilience to this infection and thus prevent the application of medication which is not preferred from a human health point and societal acceptance of broiler production.

Excential Sapphire Q provides a standardized and concentrated saponin extract from a sustainable source of Quillaja saponaria combined with a unique magnesium aluminosilicate, mined and activated in Europe. Excential Sapphire Q provides superior binding of bacterial toxins and exerts a positive effect on poultry performance under challenging conditions, such as coccidiosis.

Saponins are plant-derived organic compounds and have multiple benefits as natural emulsifiers, antimicrobials and ammonia reducing compounds. They also exert immunoadjuvant activity. Saponins are extracted from the bark of Quillaja saponaria, an endemic evergreen tree of Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. Quillaja saponaria trees provide a constant, reliable and sustainable raw material to produce Quillaja saponaria extract, containing saponins.

When complementing saponins with a rare, activated, European magnesium aluminosillicate a premium solution to combat infection can be provided. Bacterial toxins, such as alpha-toxin and NetB (originating from Clostridium perfringens) are known to be excellently bound by this specific aluminosilicate.

Excential Sapphire Q is not a medicine but a feed additive to be implemented as supportive strategy against coccidiosis.

Availability of Excential Sapphire Q can depend on region.

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