Excential Rumenpass CH

Rumen bypass choline

Excential Rumenpass CH is rumen bypass choline chloride for cows. Due to its very effective rumen protection, Excential Rumenpass CH ensures the highest amount of choline bioavailable for the cow.

During the start of a lactation, dairy cows enter a stage of negative energy balance. The reason behind is that energy output for milk production is higher than the energy intake from the consumed feed. Body reserves in the form of fat will be mobilized and this may lead to fatty liver and (subclinical) ketosis, which can result to very high costs.

Choline is known for its positive effects in case of ketosis. Crucial point is that choline needs to be available on intestinal level. Unprotected choline will be broken down in the rumen and will lose its effect. To overcome degradation in the rumen the choline needs to be protected (rumen bypass).

Rumen protection as such does not mean that the product is effective. Some products in the market are overprotected. The protection can be so strong that the choline is not released in the intestine. Other products are underprotected, meaning that the protection layer is broken down in the rumen and all choline is lost before it even reaches the intestine.

Orffa has developed Excential Rumenpass CH. This product has the perfect balance between rumen protection and intestinal digestibility, which results in the highest amount of choline available for the cow. Please check the publications below for the latest information.

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