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Excential OxiStop

Liquid L-selenomethionine

Supplemented selenium can be categorized as organic or inorganic. Organic selenium has an important benefit compared to inorganic selenium due to the fact that L-Selenomethionine is utilized by the body as an amino acid (in the same way as methionine) and is built into animal protein tissue. Via this L-Selenomethionine is able to build up selenium reserves in the body, which ensures a good selenium and anti-oxidant status at all times and secures efficient transfer of selenium to offspring via placenta, milk and eggs.

Besides the solid product, Excential Selenium 4000, Orffa also presents Excential OxiStop, a unique liquid premixture of L-selenomethionine. Excential OxiStop is suitable for liquid applications such as liquid feed mixes, spraying on feedstuffs or application in drinking water (outside EU).

Excential OxiStop

  • Liquid premixture of L-selenomethionine
  • Suitable for liquid applications
  • EU authorization for use in all animal species
  • 100% selenium as L-selenomethionine