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Elovital Miku

Io 10%, Se 1%, Se 4.5% and Co 5%

Ever thought about dust free minerals as a way to improve workers’ health in a premix factory? If not, no worries, because Orffa did! Elovital Miku is the name of our new generation dust free trace minerals iodine, selenium and cobalt. The term “Miku”, meaning “beautiful sky” in Japanese, refers to the excellent physical properties of the product, resulting in an easy and safe application. Elovital Miku Io 10%, Elovital Miku Se 1%, Elovital Miku Se 4.5% and Elovital Miku Co 5% are in line with European legislation and occupational exposure limits. These limits indicate the maximum inhalation exposure to these minerals in the workplace before toxicity occurs. Orffa quantifies the dusting potential of these products by using the established Steuber-Heubach type II method. This way Orffa ensures workers’ safety and enables premix factories to take action.

Elovital Miku Io 10% provides a source of calcium iodate. Iodine is needed for synthesis of thyroid hormones and iodinated molecules of tyrosine. Elovital Miku Se 1% and Elovital Miku Se 4.5% are both sources of sodium selenite, an inorganic source of selenium. Selenium has functions in reducing oxidative stress and can support the immune system and reproduction. Elovital Miku Co 5% is a source of cobalt carbonate. Cobalt forms an important part of vitamin B12.

Iodine, selenium and cobalt are necessary for animal health, but dust free sources of these minerals are necessary for workers’ safety!

Availability can depend on region.