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Excential Aqua-pH

Drinking water quality

Good quality drinking water is essential for animal health and performance. A lot of attention is paid to formulate good feed, but animals drink twice as much as they eat. Water is an important essential nutrient for both mammals and avian species. Water can easily be contaminated and residues and bacteria can build up inside the drinking water system as a biofilm. As a consequence, water can be a vector for horizontal transmission of diseases within animal husbandry systems. Considering the quality of the drinking water is therefore very important.

Excential Aqua-pH protects the quality of drinking water for animals by preventing the transmission and growth of pathogenic bacteria. A combination of different preservatives, trace elements and stabilizing agents show synergistic antimicrobial effects and ensure high quality clean drinking water.

The balanced combination of short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) and trace elements copper and zinc, result in a double effect: improvement of the water hygiene and supporting animal performance. Pathogenic pressure is reduced by proven antimicrobial activity against different pathogens known to cause diseases in animal husbandry. Moreover, Excential Aqua-pH will support animals immunity and natural defence.

Availability can depend on region.