Excential Alliin Plus

Formulation of garlic and cinnamon

Excential Alliin Plus is a formulation based on garlic and cinnamon obtained via a specific production process. These two plant extracts are known to have a very positive effect on gut health. Excential Alliin Plus can be used for all animal species such as piglets, fattening pigs, broilers, rabbits, veal calves, turkeys, layers and pets.

The specific production process ensures the stability of the active components. Without protection, the active ingredients would easily disappear from the product during storage and processing. This is why untreated products lose their activity quite rapidly. Excential Alliin Plus is extremely stable due to its special formulation technique.

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When a garlic clove is crushed, active substances (thiosulphinates) are formed. The most important is allicin. These thiosulphinates (allicin) are subject to numerous amount of studies and are known to have positive effects in case of digestive problems.

Cinnamon oil

The active ingredients in cinnamon oil are the cinnamaldehydes. These compose around 70% of the oil and have a simple phenolic structure. The cinnamaldehydes are known to stimulate intestinal secretions and to improve absorptive capacity.

Excential Alliin Plus, which combines the positive effects of two well-known plant extracts, is studied in many trials with very positive results on performance and health status. Please check the publications below for the latest information.

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