Webinar ORFFA: Saving Feed Cost through Digestive Efficiency

July 30 2021

Knipsel 1

On July the 28th, Orffa held an interesting Webinar entitled “Saving Feed Cost through Digestive Efficiency”.

Without a doubt, the topic of the webinar was more than timely, and this was demonstrated with the great attendance of colleagues (more then 500 participants!).

This is the 2nd LATAM webinar out of a program of webinars committed to providing solutions to current challenges, such as the first webinar on heat stress in layers, and the subsequent creation of a Discussion Group on the same topic, to which you can join by sending an email to escribano@orffa.com.

Cost savings is a topic of great interest, and seeking solutions to mitigate its impact is perhaps more important and appropriate than ever, as it is really putting our industry in check.

Increasing digestive efficiency, or in other words, digestibility, is closely associated with cost savings and ROI, so that the search for nutritional solutions to increase the feed efficiency is key.

In this sense, the three speakers demonstrated, from different angles, how the improvement of fats digestibility through emulsifiers results in higher technical and economic performance of farms.

The first speaker, our colleague Hector Navarro, vet and Technical Manager in charge of Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, explained the basics of fats digestion, keys to feeding monogastrics and presented different trials where Excential Energy Plus was used.

Subsequently, Prof. Luis Sarmiento, Prof. at the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Mexico), showed one of the most recent trails carried out with Energy Plus in swine.

Finally, Prof. Alexandre Kessler, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, an well-known expert on feed cost savings, provided the most economical view of the webinar, clearly demonstrating the positive effect of emulsifiers on both zootechnical (EB and EM) and economic parameters.

The interest of the audience on the webinar topic lead to a numerous questions and to an enriching discussion during the Questions and Answers.

Finally, with the aim of (1) highlighting the strengths and uniqueness of Energy Plus, and (2) training decision makers, we remind the audience that two points are essential to make the decision towards one or another emulsifier: HLB value and active compound concentration.