Success after the last Orffa webinar “Heat stress in layers: Pathophysiology and control with betaine”!

July 13 2021

Laying hens Orffa picture

We know that 2020 and part of 2021 have been plenty of webinars! For this reason, Orffa’s value bet is different: we do not intend that this remain in a masterclass or monologue, but rather that our webinars are the seed for the creation of discussion groups after the webinar in which bidirectional exchange of knowledge and experiences among different stakeholders around specific topics take place. The objective?: to contribute to providing effective solutions.

The specific case of heat stress is a topic of great interest, as it involves a significant loss of efficiency and profitability, especially under the current scenario of costs and inflation rising.

In particular, birds are extremely susceptible to heat, and if you don’t have a controlled environment to maintain a comfortable temperature, mortality and lack of efficiency will be evident.

This phenomenon is observed both in broilers and layers. Our speaker, Agustin de Christofaro, showed that in Argentina, 50% of the layers farms do not have a controlled environment, and in broilers, this figure rises to 90%.

We will follow the conversation in our Discussion Group on Heat Stress in Layers. If you want to join, just send an email to Alfredo ( indicating your name, affiliation, and professional profile. And tell us about your problem and your strategies to solve it 😊