Orffa’s presence in South Korea and Turkey!

January 10 2022

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As a global leading science and innovation-driven company in the animal feed market, Orffa proudly announces that it officially expanded its direct presence to South Korea and Turkey as of January 2022.

It’s Orffa strategic direction to have direct presence in the top feed producing countries and to service the animal feed industry with its innovative and science-based Speciality feed solutions.

The establishment of new businesses in South Korea and Turkey underpins the acceleration of this strategic direction, where Orffa’s local technical sales force is committed to drive value creation for the animal feed industry through engineering and selling its top-notch product offerings.

Eddy Ketels, CEO, commented: ‘’Climate change is driving the need for innovative and sustainable animal nutrition. As a global leading player in the animal feed market, we have the responsibility and opportunity to have a tremendous positive impact on animal health and a sustainable feed industry through the development and offering of our science-based feed solutions. The establishment of our new businesses in South Korea and Turkey will further contribute to this mission and enables us to better service our customers’’.

An overview of Orffa’s innovative feed solutions can be found here. Orffa’s local scientific specialists are ready to engineer your feed solution.