Orffa’s participation in the Pig Progress webinar was a great success!

May 04 2021

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Betaine: a multifactorial solution to support piglets’ gut health.

On the 29th of April 2021, our Orffa CTM colleague Lien Vande Maele presented at the Pig Progress Webinar. The webinar addressed a healthy gut in piglets and highlighted various strategies that can be used to promote that, with a focus on dietary components.

Lien’s presentation was about the use of in-feed betaine to support piglets’ gut health. She started the presentation explaining what a healthy gut is and how betaine is often forgotten as a compound to support gut health. Lien technically explained that with dosages of 1000-1200 ppm of betaine a healthy gut is achieved due to different effects: increased nutrient digestibility, improved digestive enzyme activity, enhanced intestinal morphology, strengthened gut barrier, reduced diarrhea rate and lastly improved piglet growth performance.

The webinar attracted the attention of 1335 registrants, confirming how important the topic is: gut health! On the day itself, 642 people attended live the webinar. A big success!

Do not overlook the effects of betaine on gut health. Excential Beta-Key, a methyl donor, replacing choline and partially methionine but also an alternative to improve piglet gut health!

If you want to watch the webinar, click here.

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