Efficient replacement of choline chloride in your feed

July 10 2020

As a leading supplier of betaine and as part of its scientific and technical mission to promote betaine hydrochloride (a known supplement in animal nutrition for many decades), Orffa launched a global initiative called the Betaine Academy in 2016. The objective was to create more awareness about all ins and outs about betaine, increase the knowledge of new applications and to increase the total consumption of betaine worldwide in animal nutrition. Continuous research has provided more insights over the years, e.g. applications in laying hens (egg production and freshness).

Betaine is a well-known osmolyte and methyl group donor. On top dosing can increase performance, support during heat stress and improve carcass traits in different animal species, including poultry.

As methyl group donor, betaine offers the possibility to reduce added methionine to the diet (1:1 replacement). Besides that, also a total replacement of choline chloride is encouraged.

Choline chloride can be replaced at equimolar dosages with additional effects to be expected from betaine addition, or at reduced dosages, counting on the higher bio-efficacy of betaine to obtain unchanged performances. Read more about choline replacement: ……..