Energy Plus Videos

Webinar: Sustainable Feeding Solutions

Pig Progress held a webinar called “Sustainable Feeding Solutions” at the end of September 2021. Brecht Bruneel (Innovation Manager, Orffa) joined as a speaker to highlight the data obtained from the university of Wageningen (WUR, The Netherlands) on the sustainable effect of our nutritional emulsifier, Excential Energy Plus, in fattening pigs.

Webinar: Maximizing Value From Your Feed: Nutritional emulsifier, a sustainable and feed cost saving measure

Animal production cost is highly dependent on feed cost. Efficient nutrient utilization is therefore key. Although animals are highly efficient in converting feed to meat, a part of the nutrients is not adequately digested and utilized but lost through excretion. Supplementing diets with a nutritional emulsifier provides an opportunity in this context, not only for the animal, but also for the producer as a lower feed production cost is possible. By incorporating matrix values of a nutritional emulsifier in the feed formulation program, a cheaper feed can be obtained without impacting performance and on top an improvement in the sustainability of animal production can be seen.

Webinar: VIV Europe Feed Series. How does feed contribute to future proof production?

This webinar is 2nd in the Feed Series that leads to VIV Europe 2022 from May 31-June 2. It has four Dutch Poultry Centre members who will discuss which are the key factors for future-proof poultry production. One of them is Brecht Bruneel, Central Technical Manager at Orffa Feed Additives.

VIV Europe has organized it along with Dutch Poultry Centre and the two have put together their expertise and global network in poultry to stage a fruitful session. Here, 4 speakers will shed light on how precision feeding can reduce feed costs, and how additives contribute to healthier and more efficient feed.