Effect of L-Selenomethionine supplementation during stress periods of starter broilers and chronic cyclic heat stressed finishing broilers

Orffa, stycznia 2016

The onset of broilers and the exposure of finishing broilers to heat can have a significant impact on broiler production. Several papers describe the induction of oxidative stress due to exposure to heat. 

Selenium (Se) is known for its antioxidative capacity. This trial examines the effect of extra dietary supplementation with L-Selenomethionine (L-SeMet) above normal feed Se levels. It is hypothesized that this could improve the performance of starter broilers and heat stressed finishing broilers.

Materials and Methods

  • 2 treatments:
    • Control diets containing 0.5, 0.4 and 0.5 mg/kg total Se from raw materials and added sodium-selenite providing sufficient selenium for control starter, grower and finisher diet, respectively.
    • Treatment: 0.2 mg/kg supplementation in form of LSelenomethionine (L-SeMet, supplied through the preparation Excential Selenium4000) on top
  • 4 replicates with 20 Ross308 birds each
  • Chronic cyclic heat stress model: temperature increase to 34°C for 7h, daily from d28 until d41 of age


In table 2 the average daily gain (ADG), body weight (BW), average daily feed intake (ADFI) and feed conversion ratio (FCR) results are shown for the starter, grower and finisher period.


Supplementation of broiler diets with L-Selenomethionine could be a nutritional tool to optimize broiler performance during stressful periods, the onset and specifically during heat stress in finishing broilers.