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Excential Selenium 4000
Innovation at its best

Selenium is an essential trace element for both animals and humans, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimal health status. Selenium sources added to the animal diet can be categorized as organic or inorganic. Organic selenium provides an important benefit in animal nutrition, specifically selenomethionine which is metabolically the most effective organic form of selenium.

Organic selenium in the form of L-selenomethionine will be stored into animal protein, allowing for a safe deposit of selenium in animal tissue like meat, milk and eggs. Therefore, products such as Excential Selenium 4000 by Orffa, which is a product that contains 100% selenium as L-selenomethionine, allow for an optimal selenium status in animals. Orffa entered into partnerships with universities around the world and teamed up with independent laboratories to set-up trials with Excential Selenium 4000, in order to show its efficacy in comparison to other sources of selenium.

Excential Selenium 4000 - Episodes:

Episode 1: Importance of selenium and bioavailability

Episode 2: Selenium deposition and enrichment

Episode 3: Performance

Episode 4: Stress, health and antioxidant status

Episode 5: Meat quality

Episode 6: Dust

Episode 7: Excential Selenium 4000 - Innovation at its best