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L-MET 100®

Feed grade L-Methionine

Methionine is known as an essential amino acid in animal nutrition. Traditionally, methionine has been available in the form of DL-Methionine or Methionine Hydroxy Analogue. Recently L-Methionine, the natural form of methionine, made an entrance into the animal feed market. The latest research highlights that L-Methionine can successfully substitute DL-Methionine, as results show a higher average daily gain and feed efficiency in both broilers and pigs. L-Met 100® has consistently shown a higher relative bioavailability than DL-Methionine.

L-methionine is the only bioactive form of methionine which can be used directly by the intestinal cells. D-methionine however must be transported first through the portal vein, after which it is enzymatically transformed into L-methionine by the liver and the kidneys. This transformation needs two enzymatic reactions where energy and efficiency can be lost, especially in young animals or particular animal species.

This leads to several benefits of L-Methionine. For instance, improved feed conversion ratio and higher final bodyweights are reported for broilers. Similar data is found in feeding pigs. Additionally, positive effects are found on the duodenal villus development in association with reduced oxidative stress in mucosa cells. Usage of L-Methionine contributes to a more economical animal production.