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Excential Buty90

Butyrate, fuel for intestinal function

Butyrate is a natural short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) that is shown to have multiple beneficial effects on gut health. Not only does butyrate serve as an energy source for the intestinal cells, digestion and anti-inflammatory responses are also positively affected by its signaling function. Because of the multiple modes of action, butyrate supplementation results in an overall positive effect on (gut) health and performance. Excential Buty90 is a concentrated source of sodium butyrate with a minimal fat coating. Thanks to the fat layer, the typical unpleasant smell of butyrate is significantly reduced. At the same time, a fast and optimal absorption of butyrate is guaranteed, also in the relatively simple gut of e.g. shrimp.

Beneficial effects of butyrate

Butyrate is considered as the most important SCFA for intestinal epithelial cells. Numerous studies indicate the importance of butyrate for the provision of energy to enterocytes, sodium and water absorption, support of epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation, villi development and in improving gut defense systems by stimulating the production of antimicrobial peptides and mucins.

In general, butyrate strengthens the barrier functions of the gut, increases the absorptive functions, and inhibits pathogens. This leads to more resilient animals in challenged times, and at the same time, to higher performance during unchallenged times.

High doses of butyrate have direct antibacterial properties. Moreover, low doses of butyrate can inhibit virulence of bacteria. Research shows that low butyrate doses can downregulate the expression of invasive genes of Salmonella and E. coli. This reduces the ability of bacteria to attach to intestinal cells, and prevents the bacteria becoming invasive and virulent. Studies also reveal a role of butyrate in the host defense system, by increasing the activity of host immune cells to release antimicrobial defense peptides. These host defense peptides possess broad-spectrum antimicrobial activities against bacteria, protozoa, enveloped viruses and fungi. The multiple approaches of butyrate to beneficially alter the gut, makes Excential Buty90 a very useful component in gut health concepts and an important tool to reduce the use of antibiotics.

Excential Buty90

  • Concentrated source of sodium butyrate (90%)
  • Minimal fat coating to reduce typical butyrate smell
  • Promotes gut health
  • Optimal and rapid absorption
  • Worker-friendly

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