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ActiveMOS is a prebiotic rich in mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) extracted from specially selected strain of the yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. ActiveMOS is a feed ingredient with a positive effect on gut health.

The outside layer of the yeast cell wall contains a high level of mannan-oligosaccharides. These sugars are the secret behind the positive effects of ActiveMOS. Extra attention is given to the separation of the yeast cell wall from the yeast extract, resulting in good quality MOS product with high mannan content.

ActiveMOS is highly efficient in the agglutination (binding) of pathogens, thereby reducing the risk of pathogen colonization to the gut wall. Some pathogens (like e.g. E-coli) are pathogenic, because they bind to the intestinal wall of the host animal. When ActiveMOS is included in the feed, this binding to the gut wall is inhibited. Besides the described agglutination effect, MOS is able to stimulate the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract. In several trials, with different animal species, this prebiotic effect has been demonstrated.

ActiveMOS can be used in petfood and in diets for poultry and piglets.