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 Fighting parasitic infections with Excential Alliin Plus

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in a host and gets its food from or at the expense of its host. Parasitic infections are globally causing a serious disease burden for humans, animals and plants. For instance, intestinal parasites are responsible for major health problems in humans, affecting 3.5 billion people and causing more than 200,000 deaths per year. Those infections are of global importance due to their high prevalence rate and consequences. Livestock animals also suffer from parasitic infections, that can negatively impact their performance, health and well-being. Antiparasitic resistance in the industry is growing. Explaining that, despite that antiparasitic drugs are still used, dietary alternatives are becoming more important.

Phytogenics as alternatives to antiparasitic drugs

Before considering the action of nutritional solutions, it’s important to distinguish the different types of parasites: endoparasites that are living inside the host (e.g. parasitic worms), ectoparasites that are living outside the host (e.g. mites) and mesoparasites that create an opening from outside to embed themselves in the host (e.g. copepods). The actions of feed additives will not only depend on the type of parasite, but also on their active ingredients. Components in phytogenics, also called plant-based bioactive molecules, can significantly affect health benefits.

Garlic and cinnamon are well known to support animal health by e.g., lowering negative effects of pathogens, stimulating excretion of digestive fluids and anti-inflammatory actions. Orffa selected specific concentrated sources of garlic and cinnamon to develop Excential Alliin Plus. The content in active ingredients (allicin and cinnamaldehyde) is guaranteed by a controlled harvest. A unique manufacturing process ensures the best stability and optimal release in the gastro-intestinal tract. The active components of Excential Alliin Plus can go through the intestinal lumen to the blood stream, and eventually, permeate the skin. This mode of action can make Excential Alliin Plus a broad spectrum repellent with effects on endo- and ectoparasites.

Focus on parasites in layers

Several parasites present a burden to optimal health and productivity of laying hens. Mites, such as red mites (Demanyssus gallinae), are periodic ectoparasites affecting the birds during the night. Red mites have severe consequences on layers as they represent a yearly loss of 130 million euro in the European Union. These parasites, with a short life cycle, are specifically difficult to control due to their high resistance to adverse ambiant conditions and the difficulty in treating the site of colonisation. Due to mites feeding behaviour with the blood of the host, they are causing a consequent anaemia with an approximate loss of 3% of the total blood volume and decreased immune response. The body weight of the infected birds is decreased despite an increased feed intake, the laying rate is reduced by 15-20% and around 6-8% mortality is observed. Moreover, red mites are typical vectors of other pathogenic agents such as Salmonella and E. coli. Some antiparasitic products exist but have been proven to leave residues in eggs, causing their ban in the EU (e.g. fipronil).

Five commercial trials have proven the benefits of Excential Alliin Plus in supporting health and performance of layers infected by red mites.

Overall, enhancement of egg production and reduction of dirty and broken eggs are typically observed, together with an increased profit.

Furthermore, roundworms (Ascaridia galli) are common endoparasites of free-range layers (global prevalence of 69.5%). These gastrointestinal nematodes have a specific infection cycle. Eggs are located in the field and are extremely resistant, making them able to survive long periods in the soil. When pecking the soil, laying hens ingest the eggs. The eggs are hatching and replicating in the intestinal mucosa. Then, adult worms are excreted to the intestinal lumen for further propagation. The main impact of roundworms on laying hens are a decreased digestibility and absorption of the nutrients. Therefore, main symptoms range from depressed body weight and egg production, ruffled feathers to increased mortality.

The effect of Excential Alliin Plus has been tested on intestinal worms in free range layers, in Brazil. Weekly necropsy of a few layers, on top of observation of the performance, have been performed in two distinctive periods: rainy season (limited challenge due to limited access to outside by the birds) and dry season (heavy challenge due to full access to outside). During both seasons, the dietary garlic and cinnamon combination has proven to be effective in two weeks by repelling the worms (Figure 1).

Natural alternative to fight parasitic infections

The search of alternative nutritional solutions is key in the antiparasitic research due to potential carry-over and resistance of the classical protection products. Excential Alliin Plus, with high stabilized concentrations of the bioactive ingredients of garlic and cinnamon, has proven effects on improving animals’ performance and health. The phytogenic could act as a broad spectrum repellent to target different types of parasites for different animal species. Literature studies and internal trials  (> 60 trials) are backing up Excential Alliin Plus application, making it an effective phytogenic of the animal industry!

Fighting parasitic infections with Excential Alliin Plus

Parasites are serious burden to layers industry

Support of egg production, health and profit

Broad spectrum repelling action

Excential Alliin Plus, effective phytogenic for laying hens

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