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Selenium is an essential trace element for both animals and humans, and plays a crucial role in maintaining an optimal health status. Different selenium sources vary greatly in their bioavailability and studies in different species confirm that L-selenomethionine, compared to other forms of selenium, allows for an optimal selenium status and enrichment of animal products with selenium thus supporting animal performance..

Selenium is also known to play a role in reducing stress and providing the animals with a better antioxidant status. The effects of L-selenomethionine on stress, health and antioxidant status have been shown in several species such as in aquaculture, equine, pigs, poultry and ruminants. As selenium functions as an antioxidant, supplementing the diet of animals with selenium can contribute to reducing oxidation in animal products and thus improve meat quality. Finally, it’s important to consider the dustiness of the different selenium products, as selenium can be toxic upon inhalation. This is why, Excential Selenium 4000 has been made dust free, to support worker’s health.

During the previous weeks, we’ve shared information on the various applications of selenium and this episode concludes the Excential Selenium 4000 campaign. A new update of the selenium booklet is available; Excential Selenium 4000 – Innovation at its best 2.0. This booklet provides a comprehensive overview of the research done with Excential Selenium 4000.

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Why choose Excential Selenium 4000?

  • All selenium in the form of L-selenomethionine, for 100% bioavailability
  • Ensures a safe deposit of selenium inside the animal
  • Improves performance, antioxidant status and health
  • Improves meat quality, for a more sustainable meat production
  • Dust free, ensuring safety of workers in the premix factory