Stability and quality of feed and water

Several factors influence the stability of compounds in a feed and some nutrients are more sensitive and less stable compared to others. For example the degradation of individual vitamins in premixes and finished feeds can be affected by type of vitamin, feed production processes, but also from the presence of other (aggressive) compounds in the mixture. Feed processing and heat stability as such can impact product of choice, e.g. in case of probiotics. Hygroscopic features of products applied can also be of consequence in the way a product should be handled or applied. Compatibility with commonly used other ingredients in the diet should be considered.

For good animal production also the quality of water is highly important and often forgotten. Both drinking water of animals, and water in aquaculture systems, should be of good quality to obtain optimal health and performance.

Within the product range of Orffa, different products in specialized form are available to improve quality of (drinking) water and to improve stability of feed and feed additives. These additives can also lower potential unwanted reactions with other feed compounds. Choosing for superior sources of feed additives can improve stability and also quality of your feed. This high feed and water quality will help to obtain the highest performance of animals.

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