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Elovital Red

With the natural levels of pigments available via poultry feed ingredients, laying hens and broilers are unable to deposit the correct color in either the egg yolk or the broiler skin. With supplementing pigments in the feed, it becomes possible to obtain a high level of pigmentation. Combining Elovital Yellow with Elovital Red will enable to reach the desired color of egg yolk and the skin.

Elovital Red contains 10% canthaxanthin and ensures a uniform pigmentation of egg yolk. Applying canthaxanthin 10% to laying hen diets leads to significant changes in redness, yellowness and brightness of the egg yolk. Therefore Elovital Red ensures the ability to steer in different colors as indicated by the Roche Color Fan. The product has a proven stability and is therefore safe to use in a pelleting process.

Availability can depend on region.