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Capsantal EBS

Natural pigments make it possible to obtain a high level pigmentantion of the broiler skin, the egg yolk and the flesh of trout and salmon.

Capsantal EBS

Capsantal EBS is a yellow pigmenter, mainly based on lutein with a high percentage of trans isomers, obtained from extracts of Marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta) carefully stabilized, homogenized and saponified to give maximum intestinal absorption and biological efficiency.

Capsantal FS

Capsantal FS is a red pigmenter, mainly based on trans-capsanthin, obtained through a highly developed process of extraction from selected varieties of peppers (Capsicum annum), carefully processed to potentiate the natural red color of their pigments.

The efficiency and stability of these natural pigments, make it an easy task to obtain adequate pigmentation, based on natural products.

Availability can depend on region.