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Orffa: A Legacy of Innovation in Feed Additives

1967: A Pioneer is Born

Orffa's journey began in 1967, founded in Belgium as a distributor of leading feed additive brands in Europe. Nested in the heart of what's considered the hub for innovative feed developments, Orffa's commitment to research and its inherent innovative nature quickly led the company to establish itself as a key player in the feed additives market.

1989: Strengthening the Position

In 1989, Orffa became part of a large Dutch agricultural conglomerate. This period further solidified Orffa's position in the market, providing access to wider resources and expertise.

2006: A New Growth Spurt

A turning point arrived in 2006 with a management buyout. This move fueled rapid international growth, propelling Orffa towards becoming a leading marketing and sales company of feed additives in Europe with a strong development outside of Europe.

2010: In-House Innovation Takes Center Stage

Recognizing the importance of in-house innovation, Orffa embarked on developing its own range of feed additives in 2010. This strategic decision further strengthened Orffa's position as a pioneer in the industry.

2021: A New Chapter with Marubeni

Orffa joined forces with Marubeni Corporation, becoming its fully-owned subsidiary. This strategic alliance has opened doors to global markets and a mutual commitment to innovation, positioning Orffa and Marubeni to offer enhanced value to customers. Orffa's collaboration with Marubeni represents a major advancement, providing Orffa with access to new markets in APAC and the Americas. This partnership enables Orffa to globally promote its cutting-edge feed additive solutions.With Marubeni's support, Orffa is poised to continue influencing the feed additive industry's future, making a profound and enduring impact.