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Already more than 50 years, Orffa is recognized to be a leading operator in the feed additive space. After our establishment in the seventies, we grew very fast to become an important supplier of a wide range of feed additives, a true partner to the European animal nutrition industry. In our product basket, we have common additives, as amino acids and vitamins, but our scientifically skilled sales teams also focus on specialty feed additives, such as emulsifiers, organic minerals, etc…

Since about 10 years, we initiated our step-wise expansion on a global level, and we now have specialists, companies or offices in most important feed producing markets across the world… from the USA to New Zealand, from Vietnam to Argentina… Orffa markets its products in over 80 countries, either directly or via competent partners and distributors.

It is our mission to be creative and service oriented: we are creating, selecting and delivering quality additives and solutions to the industry, adding value to the supply chain, and we excel in rendering an unmatched service to our partners… logistically, technically and commercially.

Our vision is to further develop our company into a global partner to the animal production industry, with our team of highly qualified and competent professionals, developing and offering products and solutions bringing added value in terms of sustainability, efficiency, quality, safety and welfare.

Image studies show that Orffa is recognized and appreciated in the market for its core values… our teams are recognized to be extremely knowledgeable, professional, innovative and highly service and quality driven.

Once again I welcome you to our website, where you will find a myriad of information on our products, a collection of science based documents substantiating the effects of our concepts, and the list of experts, available to answer your questions and enquiries…

Werkendam, June 2020
Eddy Ketels

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