The first ever Feed Additives Asia event took place in Bangkok.

From May 16 to 18 2018, the first ever Feed Additives Asia event took place in Bangkok.

Orffa and Marubeni teamed up and presented their view on how changes in the raw material market can be dealt with, on what the future of the industry may look like and how this could affect the feed additive industry. On short term, the focus on partnerships and alliances will be key as this may be the only way to influence market conditions.

On long term, a structural increase in raw material prices could expected, because of a growing demand from both feed as well as food production, as well as for the fermentation industry. Keywords to sustainability are productivity and efficacy, both absolute requirements for future feed and food production. Next to that also more and more byproducts from human food industry will be available, bringing the animal production back to its roots: the consumption and valorization of by-products. Using more byproducts will undoubtedly lead to a higher demand for feed additives which are able to bridge the gap between nutritional quality and the original product composition. Thus, value added and special feed additives will become key for optimal feed formulation and animal production.

Not to be forgotten is that another aspect of the increased usage of byproducts and the afore-mentioned specialized feed additives, will be consumer acceptance.

Consumer should not only accept the use of byproducts and specialized additives, but they be educated to recognize and value these products and to valorize high quality animal products, meaning they should be willing to pay a certain, reasonable price.

Forgetting this, will only lead to least-cost production, without recognizing the intrinsic special value of products from animal origin.

As a leader in supplying specialized solutions to the animal feed industry Orffa is perfectly equipped to be a partner to the animal production chain in the widest sense.

Not without reason our slogan is: Engineering your feed solutions

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