Technical Nutrition Seminar during the 2016 IPPE trade show in Atlanta

On Tuesday January 26th Orffa held a Technical Nutrition Seminar in Atlanta, USA during the 2016 IPPE trade show.  Dr. Eddy Ketels, Orffa’s CEO gave the official welcome to the nutritionists present from countries such as Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina. Shortly afterwards, Mr. Arno van der Aa, Orffa´s New Business Development Manager gave a small introduction on the new image project and latest news from the company and then proceeded to highlight 4 nutritional topics the company offers that can be used as helpful tools to reduce the overall cost of feed formulations. It is well known that feed formulation can add up to 60-70% of the total cost of production which presents a huge challenge for most feed producers worldwide.

The first technical presentation focused on the use of Excential Beta-Key (free flowing HCL betaine) to improve production parameters, benefits for heat stress regulation and methyl group donation. The audience was also presented with a strategy of partial substitution of added methionine and choline for betaine to reduce feed costs and maintain and even improve production parameters.

Afterwards Mr. van der Aa presented Orffa´s organic selenium source branded as Excential Selenium4000 which is now sold globally. Excential Selenium 4000 is a completely new form of organic selenium and outperforming most other selenium sources such as yeasts as selenites as a preferred and accurate source of pure L-selenomethionine. A review of different research conducted by Orffa was presented in order to illustrate the superior bioavailability of Excential Selenium  Selenium4000 over selenized yeasts found in the feed market.

Mr. van der Aa then shortly presented Orffa´s third generation nutritional emulsifier called Excential Energy Plus. This nutritional emulsifier is a great tool to help feed producers save on average $4-8 usd/ton of feed from commercial and university trials were conducted with satisfied customers worldwide. Our Excential Energy Plus is formulated upon a nutritional matrix of kcals that can be taken into consideration to reduce this amount of calories in the diet, leading to lower costs of the formulation. Typical substitution analysis varies between 50-100 kcals depending on feed formula, ingredients and fat sources. The emulsifier has also shown strong results on FCR improvementswhen used on top.

Finally Excential Butycoat (coated sodium butyrate) was presented to the guests as a great source of energy for monogastrics and as a promotor of villi length and crypt depth to increase gut health and ingredient absorption. Mr. van der Aa also highlighted the salmonella and e.colli inhibiting capabilities of the product that can be considered amongst others in antibiotic free diets for poultry and swine.

After the technical presentation the guests were treated to a cozy menu dinner to discuss and enjoy in a casual and informal atmosphere the concepts presented. One of the guests commented: “An excellent meeting; the presentations were very pleasant and conceptual which made them agile and easy to follow.”



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