Worker's health (dust free)

Some feed additives are recognized as occupational hazards for which inhalation represents the main route of exposure. When there is a possibility that the commonly accepted threshold limit value (TLV) for a specific compound in air will be exceeded, due to high dusting potential of the additive, there is a toxicity risk. In this case the dusting potential should be lowered to ensure workers safety. There is a high concern to assess the dusting potentials of trace minerals. These compounds are being sold as highly concentrated feed additives and can thus be toxic for humans even when the dusting potential is low. As physical dedusting is very difficult for trace elements, technological additives or feed materials included in the preparation of an additive are also possible ways to reduce the dusting potential of certain feed additives. These technologies are already being applied and dust-free products are being produced, so there should be an incentive for feed additive manufacturers to control the dust of their products as well.