Environmental solutions

Although animal husbandry provides us with important nutrients which are beneficial to health and can be a part of a balanced diet, at the same time it poses pressure on our environment. It is more and more recognized that within the animal feed industry, there is a responsibility to minimize this pressure. This could be done through different strategies. For instance by optimizing efficiency and therefore maximizing output with as less input as possible, e.g. with emulsifiers. Also other strategies contribute to minimizing pressure on the environment. Such as lowering crude protein in the feed and therefore nitrogen emissions and usage of arable land for soybean by supplementation of amino acids. Nitrogen emission may benefit from application of clinoptilolites, rumen protected amino acids, and other feed additives as well. Trace minerals which are highly biologically available can minimize excretion with the manure. Solutions are being investigated to lower enteric methane emissions from ruminants. Within Orffa, we can advise you further in different nutritional solutions to lower pressure on the environment.

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