Rumen function

Rumen function

Orffa offers feed solution that help dairy nutritionists to optimize health and productivity of dairy cows. Managing rumen function is a key area in ruminant nutrition.

High producing dairy cows are fed well balanced rations. Still, a small imbalance in the diet may lead to ruminal disorders such as subclinical acidosis. Optimizing rumen function and good nutritional strategies are of key importance and contribute to good production and health of the dairy herd.

Trace mineral nutrition is important for health of dairy cows. On the other hand, high amounts of trace elements are also known to influence rumen function. New forms of trace elements help to supply the correct amount of trace elements without having a negative impact on the ruminal microbes. This helps the rumen function and supports health.

Some important nutrients are needed at intestinal level and therefore need to pass the rumen. For this solution rumen bypass products are available. A good example is choline, which is known for its positive effects in case of ketosis.

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