Results were presented by Dr. Alexia Lépine (Orffa Additives, The Netherlands) at the 13th International Scientific Conference on Probiotics, Prebiotics, Gut Microbiota and Health IPC2019 (17th -20th June, Prague, CZ)

Multi-resistant microorganisms is estimated to become the first cause of human death by 2050. Increasing antibiotic-resistant bacteria are therefore of major concern. While many countries are already taking drastic steps to lower antibiotics usage, it still remains a challenge to provide sufficient support to piglets during the weaning transition.

In this context, a collaboration between Calpis, Orffa and the university of Wageningen led to compare antibiotics with faecal transplant and the probiotic Calsporin®. During a challenge with the E. coli strain ETEC, Calsporin® provided the same protection as the antibiotic without the unwanted side-effects associated with the latter. Not only Calsporin® lowered the shedding and the diarrhoea peak, it also stimulated health-associated bacterial species in the gut microbiota of the newly weaned piglets. This gives great hope for the usage of Calsporin® as a pillar in alternative strategies.

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