Poultry Focus Asia conference

Poultry Focus Asia was held from 21 to 23 of March 2018 in Bangkok – Thailand. During this conference speakers from all over the world discussed different topics regarding poultry production. Subjects varied from genetics and husbandry to nutrition and both speakers from research institutes and from the industry discussed the effects of their topics on poultry production.

Irene Eising from Orffa was invited to talk about the recent insights into trace mineral nutrition. She showed the beneficial effects of high bioavailable trace minerals on poultry health and production. Focus was put on Excential Smart copper, zinc and manganese and Excential Selenium 4000. During her presentation she explained what the difference is between different mineral sources on the market and how these differences influences gastro-intestinal health and therefor performance of the animals. The Excential Smart product line exists of third generation trace minerals, an innovative range of products with high bioavailability, handling and stability features related to the covalent bond of the trace minerals. Excential Selenium 4000 is a new generation of organic Selenium (L-Selenomethionine).

Audience was mainly coming from neighboring Asian countries and they showed interest in the topic especially when a nice discussion was started at the end of the presentation about the effects of trace minerals on other nutrients in premixes and compound feed. It was a great opportunity to increase awareness in the South East Asian region of Orffa as a company and the feed solutions that Orffa can provide.


Recent insight into poultry trace mineral nutrition

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