Allevatori, July 2020
La betaina gioca dunque un ruolo positivo sulla salute e sull’attività fermentativa ruminale migliorando la produzione delle vacche da latte e delle capre
Pet Food Supplement, July 2020
An activated immune system is extremely effective, enhancing resistance to infections by viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. A natural carbohydrate structure from bakery yeast, the beta-1,3/1,6-glucan, is recognised by immune cells as a non-self or foreign molecule and can initiate a particular immune response.
Porcus of South Africa, July 2020
Betaine is a widely distributed, naturally occurring compound in animals and plants. As a feed additive, available in anhydrous or hydrochloride form, it can be supplemented to diets for livestock for a variety of purposes.
AllAboutFeed, June 2020
Several trials have shown the benefit of nutritional emulsifiers in broilers. In order to better understand the effect in other animal species, an extensive research project was set up by Orffa.
Orffa, June 2020
Un apport optimal en oligo-éléments issus d’une source minérale de haute qualité est nécessaire pour éviter les carences et les problèmes de santé qui en découlent.
AviNews, June 2020
Calsporin® ya es conocido a nivel global por equilibrar y reforzar a todos los niveles la salud intestinal de muchas especies animales. La UE ha aprobado una dosis de 30 ppm para todas las especies aviares, hecho que lo convierte en una opción altamente efectiva y muy competitiva si se usa en producción aviar.
Dairy Mail, June 2020
The trace mineral selenium is involved in both antioxidant activity and the immune system. Selenium-deficient animals have been shown to have lowered immunity and resistance to disease.
AllAboutFeed, May 2020
Nutritional emulsifiers are known for their effect on energy digestibility, especially in poultry.

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